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The recovery of corrupted CorelDraw files, powered by Corel Fix Tool Free, represents an easy way of getting your data back in all cases causing the damage of CorelDraw illustrations. Please evaluate the ease of Corel format fix on any PC in the local area network and get the installer of image recovery tool on your PC, it is free and there are no additional restrictions about the usage of selected data recovery program. Since there are no any difficulties during the processing of CDR files, you may start working without additional instructions, just open the file server of application developer and use the download link of Corel Fix Tool Free to get it on your PC. Do not lose time if you encounter the corruption of CorelDraw files right now, you have very good chances of getting the data back if Corel Fix Tool Free is applied immediately after the occurrence of error messages. It does not matter which kind of error do you see right now, the success of CorelDraw recovery does not depend on the results of investigation. Please use the shortcut of Corel Fix Tool Free to start and follow the guidelines of image recovery tool. For this purpose our users are prompted to select a file of supported CDR format by clicking the open file softkey. As soon as it is done, just initiate the parsing of selected file and get some rest until the analysis of corrupted document is successfully completed, there is no need to modify the settings of data recovery engine and other parameters. Corel Fix Tool Free converts the data into clean files of CorelDraw format during the following stage of Corel fix, therefore you may use the image beyond question in a clean file of CDR format as soon as the process of data recovery is successfully completed. Do not forget that Corel Fix Tool Free does not modify corrupted illustrations during the recovery of CorelDraw files, please send the file in question to another data recovery service if you believe it is more efficient.

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Windows 98 and above

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